WaveCel is the biggest advancement in helmet safety in the last 30 years.

To Start

WaveCel has it's sights set on revolutionizing the bike safety industry with a quantum leap forward in helmet technology. With WaveCel, riders are up to 73% less likely to experience a concussion than wearers of standard foam helmets. After looking far and wide for the newest helmet safety technology, Trek decided that founders Michael Bottlang and Steve Madey had created something special.

The Process

Prior to their market launch in 2019, WaveCel and Team partnered to establish a distinct brand language, a web destination, and several key launch stories. More importantly, WaveCel craved a distinct story, attitude and personality that every brand decision could be founded on. Team started there.

Team began with an immersion phase made up of workshops, research and interviews with stakeholders and customers to establish key opportunities and insights for the brand and digital phases of the project.

Based on this immersion phase, Team developed a brand strategy and accompanying foundational brand tools including design language, guidelines and tone and voice.


Team owned creative development and execution for WaveCel’s site taking an MVP first approach while validating through various testing methods throughout the process.

In addition to the site Team was able to concept and produce impactful brand stories including a brand anthem video, various point-of-purchase moments and social content.


It was clear to us that the pursuit of better helmet safety was never done for WaveCel. The brand position, Chasing Safest, embodies the brand's constant pursuit.


Jeff Meakins, ECD at Team Studio

Brand Foundation


User and Business Insights



Consumer and Stakeholder Interviews

Brand Storytelling

Digital Marketing

Art Direction



Seasonal Campaigns

Physical Spaces

Brand Activations

Brand Tools


Brand Voice and Tone

Cross-functional design System

Brand Based Products


Platform and Product

User Testing