Strava is the best-in-class app for runners and cyclists. We aimed to help Strava athletes understand the best product features so they can use it to push themselves and their community everyday.   

The Start

Strava is used to help athletes get better with each run or ride through a community of like-minded athletes pushing each other through shared activities, clubs, leaderboards and inspiring moments.

The challenge is that most Strava athletes only use a handful of the available products features. These athletes aren’t getting the most from it because they aren’t sure how to.

For this engagement, Strava’s goals were to promote six of the best product features on social channels, marketing communications and the community blog. The aim was to adopt new users and retain existing Strava athletes in 14 major markets around the world.


Our partnership with Strava started with internal workshops and conversations between our two teams. The goal was to understand Strava’s business objectives and target users while helping evolve the brand. Based on this understanding, our team began to develop a series of product feature stories that live at the cross-section of the business, user and brand.


Ultimately these feature stories were meant to educate and steer users towards deeper engagement with Strava.


Jeff Meakins, ECD

The Result

Our concept emerged as the storytelling vessel for each of the six primary videos (42 localized videos). Trailblazer speaks to the dynamic and focused mentality of each user and carries with it a forward momentum with every interaction. It’s a propulsion of color and canvas that can change to tell unique brand stories.

Each of the 42 videos were promoted throughout the world on Strava-owned channels. Millions of new and existing Strava Athletes experienced simple ways to improve their product experience while experiencing Strava as a design-led, experience-driven and athlete-centered brand.

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