By translating experiences into something meaningful that can be shared, Nimbus turns the personal into universal and stories into lifelines. 

Working Together

With a diverse set of offerings in the leadership and wellness space, Nimbus was looking to clarify their focus through a streamlined digital experience. In a world that values speed and soundbites, their ultimate goal is to provide a place and the space to take your time and go deep into the issues that matter most to you. 

Team helped Nimbus define their values, audience, offerings and ultimately, their brand, in order to serve the people interested in exploring their inner worlds. What manifested was a digital experience prizing quality over quantity with the room to grow at your own pace.

"Nimbus wouldn't be what it is today without the transformational process of working with Team Studio."

Greg Starr, Nimbus

The Result

Team developed an identity and brand system primarily expressed through a website that houses all the Nimbus content – from videos and podcasts to interviews and photo essays. Through a dynamic logo that moves to accommodate imagery and text alike, the resulting system mimics the fluid nature of our inner landscape and the ability to grow and adapt with our surroundings. 

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TEAM Contributors

Tomi Lähdesmäki

Jeff Meakins

Whitney Clark